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Residential Artificial Grass Landscape

residential artificial grass

A beautiful home begins the minute you walk up the driveway. It’s not easy to plan and implement an attractive front or backyard, and maintaining a luscious green lawn can be even more difficult, especially during hot summers in Orange County, CA. Many homeowners choose residential artificial turf as an easy maintenance option to traditional sod, or to create a durable section of their property for activities such as sports, games and more. Some of the benefits of artificial grass include:

  • Lower water costs
  • Long-lasting beauty year-round
  • Save money on pesticides, lawn care equipment and more
  • Saved time on maintaining lawn
  • Durable surface for heavy activity

You may choose from a wide range of turf brands to meet the size, color, texture and costs that fit your home. We are experienced in the proper installation and maintenance of artificial grass throughout the Orange County area. With talented technicians, your lawn will be transformed efficiently and with little disturbance.

Other Services

In addition to our turf services, Best Artificial Grass Orange County offers extensive outdoor services including retaining walls, pavers and landscape design to help you create a gorgeous and inviting space. We are also the only company that offers a Lifetime Warranty on our artificial grass.  Collaborate with our landscape designers to plan a complete outdoor space that features custom paver designs, elegant retaining walls and carefully carved turf and architectural design. Regardless of your home size we will help you achieve the dream home landscape you’ve always desired.

Decide on pavers to draw attention to a unique design on your patio or driveway, or simply create a clean, contemporary finish for a pathway, patio and more. Installing pavers will lead to increased curb appeal and can boost your home value for resale in the future. Enjoy a beautiful evening on the patio or confidently greet guests with a newly constructed paver walkway.

Fighting an uneven slope and soil that won’t hold on it own? Do you have a yard with multiple elevations and hills. Contain your land and create an attractive background with one of our trusted retaining walls. Easy to install and available in a range of colors you can have a simple straight retaining wall or a curved wall that hugs the individual contours of your land. With your needs and our vision, the landscape designers at Best Artificial Grass Orange County will assist you in making the best outdoor space possible for your home.

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